AJ Food creates convenience products cut to the needs of foodservice clients. The principle rules governing construction of our offer are: high quality, reproducibility, fastness and easiness of preparation. Possibility to compose wide variety of dishes is a feature of all our products since they are created in view of implementing them into sales concepts for foodservice market.

Chicken products

Products based on chicken meat are the basic convenience products available on Polish market. Produced from highest quality ingredients in technologically advanced plants, allow to compose diversified and interesting foodservice offer for various branches of Foodservice market.

Chicken strips mild

Chicken inner fillets coated in delicate, crispy, structural breadcrumbs. Highest quality, accountability and reproducibility combined with delicious taste.

Chicken Strips Hot & Spicy

Oblong, coated chicken inner fillets, exceptionally tasty thanks to crunchy, hot and spicy breadcrumbs.

Crunchy chicken nuggets

Small crunchy cutlets made of high-quality chicken meat. Mild taste makes them perfect for kids’ menu. Quick and easy to prepare.

Tempura Chicken nuggets

Small cutlets coated in delicate tempura. Ideal snack or part of kids menu.

Rice chicken pops

Delicious balls formed from chicken breast meat covered in a crispy rice flake coating. Perfect as an appetizer, snack or part of main dish. Attractive shape allows enrich all kinds of kids menu.

Chicken Fingers

Juicy slices of chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating. Fingers are formed from combined pieces of meat, fried and baked.

Breaded chicken wings mild

Delicious and juicy wings divided into two elements: drumettes and wingettes. Crispy, golden breadcrumbs maintain its crunchiness for a long time.

Breaded chicken wings spicy

Juicy and spicy chicken wings in crunchy breadcrumbs are a perfect choice for hot taste lovers.

Spicy chicken wings

Aromatic and juicy chicken wings in a Hot & Spicy marinade. Perfect accompaniment for French fries.

Chicken nachos with cheese

Tasty chicken breast fillet product with melted cheese, in a characteristic triangular shape. Crispy breading with tortilla chips and chilli flakes gives the product a character that blends perfectly with sauce and chips into a perfect snack for adults.

Breaded chicken fillet

Traditional fillet formed from juicy chicken breast meat in a crunchy, golden-brown breading. Easy to prepare. Perfect classic taste of chicken in a countable, repeatable portion.

Picnic chicken cutlet

Delicate and juicy chicken breast meat formed into delicious round cutlets. Very crispy coating. Product ready to be served both on the plate and in a bun.

Premium nuggets

Nuggets with 75% chicken breast fillet content, tender and juicy inside. They are characterized by a slightly rounded shape and a crispy, golden coating.

Breaded Chicken Breast

Delicate chicken breast meat in golden, crunchy breading.

Chicken-pork hamburger XXL

Hamburger produced from mixed chicken and pork meat, popular due to its perfectly seasoned taste, attractive price and easiness to prepare. Round cutlet of 10 cm diameter.

Chicken leg cutlet

Round, unbreaded chicken leg meat cutlet. Perfect as a classical home-made cutlet with fries or potatoes. Served in a roll as a juicy chicken burger will make the dish well-bodied and full of character.


Chicken – pork hamburger MAX

Tasty hamburger made from mixed chicken and pork meat. Big, round cutlet of 11,5 cm diameter. Ideally seasoned, stable quality. To be served as an accompaniment to French fries or in a bun.

Chicken hamburger XS

Well seasoned burger produced from minced chicken meat, very easy to prepare. Small burger of 8 cm diameter in attractive price and good quality.

Roasted chicken leg kebab

Juicy, aromatic, marinated chicken leg meat, roasted and cut. Easy to prepare – just a few minutes of heating in oven, pan or microwave.

Beef products

Burgers made of high-quality beef supplied solely by certified suppliers (BRC / IFS). Meat is chopped, minced, formed and frozen in liquid nitrogen. Technology allows to retain 100% of taste, flavour and nutritional value. High quality product possible to prepare “raw”, “medium” and “well-done”.

Ready solution in the form of a deep-frozen burger allows to save time. Grilled or fried meat stays delicate and juicy thus perfectly combines with other ingredients on the plate. Deep frozen burgers are a guarantee of a repeatable meat quality.

Beef Miniburger

100% beef
Height 17 mm

Beef Burger

100% beef
100 g
Ø 125 mm
Height 13 mm

Beef Burger

100% beef
150 g
Ø 141 mm
Height 13 mm

Beef Burger

100% beef
180 g
Ø 135 mm
Height 16 mm

Beef Burger

100% beef
200 g
Ø 135 mm
Height 18 mm

Vegetable products

Crunchy soy nuggets

Crunchy soy fiber nuggets with consistence and taste of traditional chicken nuggets. Characteristic shape, simple to prepare and countable. Can be used in vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan dishes since it does not contain any animal ingredients.

Tempura vegetable balls

Delicious broccoli-cauliflower balls in a crunchy tempura type coating. Perfectly seasoned. A vegetable alternative or accompaniment for meat dishes.

Breaded broccoli-cauliflower vegeburgers

Perfectly seasoned broccoli-cauliflower burgers in crunchy, golden-brown bread crumbs are a delicious proposition not only for vegetarians. Tasty as a part of a burger, wrap and classical plate dish.

Beetroot burger

Flavorful burgers with interesting texture made from coarsely grated
boiled beetroots, pieces of carrots with the addition of buckwheat.
Expressive spices give them quite a character.

Other products

Pork loin

Traditional cutlet with high content of pork loin meat in a crunchy breading. Perfect choice for places looking for quick and simple serving procedure and full countability of each portion.

Beer Battered Fish

Delicious smell of perfectly crunchy beer batter covering juicy hoki fish. Perfect for the classic Fish&Chips concept. Fully countable, calibrated pieces that guarantee comfort and simplicity of preparation.

Crunchy breaded cheese

Velvety melting cheese breaded in crunchy coating. Tasty and filling meatless dish. Convenient and fast to prepare snack.

Beef dripping frying fat

Highest quality fat, ideal for preparation of Belgian fries. Guarantees no loss of quality while frying.

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