Sales Concepts

Even the best product will not sell itself. AJ Food products combined with Farm Frites fries are a perfect way to create numerous attractive combos. AJ Food offers simple, proven and tasty solutions that guarantee high yield and profitability.

We offer solutions working for restaurants and take away, dedicated to seasonal and all year operating clients.

Many concepts are also equipped with specially designed marketing materials that help serve or inform about offer available.

Our Top Concepts



is a slogan created for the newest AJ Food product – Tempura Vegetable balls. Within Top Concepts several proposals of composing and serving of these attractive products were created.



Offers a wide variety of beef burger serving proposals. All of them include cost and profit calculations. We also provide marketing materials supporting individual solutions and the whole concept.



Tasty mix of French fries and selected topping – sauce, salad, vegetables or meat. Simple and comfortable solution, easy to serve and diversified. Good to be served on the premises and for takeaway.



Interesting proposals including cost calculations for menu based on burgers in not-only-classical versions. Alternative ideas to serve a range of AJ food products in burger formula.



French fries plus meat snacks ideal for takeaway consumptions. Available with cost calculations and marketing materials.



Concept based on enlargement of value of an individual purchase. Specially designed box to serve meat products and French fries as a coherent takeaway dish. Allows to create a wide range of dishes based on several ingredients. Supported by menu cards and posters for the most popular sets.



Families with children may be an attractive target group for basically every foodservice outlet. Offer specially designed for younger clients is something worth giving some thinking.

Our concept presents several dishes that can help create an attractive kids’ menu tailored to the diversified needs. We provide cost calculations, menu visualization, specially designed paper and disposable serving dishes.



This most popular totally British snacking concept in our version can be traditionally prepared beer battered fish either served with thick chips in a wooden box or conveniently taken away in a chips bag. It can also be served on a specially designed gazette-like oil proof paper. You can choose from numerous proposals supported by cost calculations, dedicated packaging and paper, side dish recipes and menu visualizations, to customise your own offer.



With this concept we aim at enlarging the order value by offering the consumers whole snacking sets. They are created from a quite limited list of proven products that allow to create easy to prepare, totally controllable and countable sets recommended for 2 up to 6 persons.