About us

AJ Food was created in 2014 as a continuation of a project driven with Farm Frites company in Poland. The main goal of the firm is creating and accustoming sales concepts which combine French fries and other potatoes specialities with AJ Food products on one plate.

AJ Food offers wide range of high-quality products for Foodservice sector. Leading products are chicken articles (strips, nuggets, wings) and beef burgers. Offered concepts could be found in foodservice all over the country.



Good business practices in relations with our clients, workers and suppliers.


Happy guests in our clients restaurants for us are most important.


Creation of new concepts allowing to increase profits in foodservice outlets is the key driver of our company’s development.


Proving ready-to-implement concepts

Search for new solutions that respond to market trends

High quality of products offered

Focus on clients needs

Professional and reliable current and potential customers’ service

Product presentations and trainings

Pre-sales and post-sales service

Professional culinary consultancy

Marketing support