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AJ Food oferuje szeroką gamę Top Concepts które gwarantują wysoką wydajność i zysk. Top Concepts czyli proste, sprawdzone i smaczne rozwiązania stworzone na bazie połączenia produktów AJ Food oraz frytek Farm Frites.

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Since 2014 AJ Food’s main goal is to create and implement sales concepts, on one plate combining Farm Frites French fries and potato specialities with complementary products offered by AJ Food.

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Chefs New Year’s Eve
Untypically, since on October 29, 2018 in Gdańsk Almond Business & SPA Hotel over 200 guests participated in the second Chefs New Year’s Eve. AJ Food was a partner of this event, being very proud to be acknowledged the Best Business Partner by Stowarzyszenie Kucharzy...
Chefs Only
The Autumn edition of Chefs and pastry chefs meeting took place in the mid of October in Mierzęcin Palace. AJ Food was one of the sponsors of this recognisable event, together with Farm Frites presenting sales concepts based on products of both companies.
Chefs Congress
October 9, 2018 – Warsaw Expo XXI was the place of Chefs Congress. During that day AJ Food presented one of the new variants of Top Burgers & Fries concept. This time these were Beef Miniburgers in interesting combos prepared at our joint Farm Frites...